Office chairs

Our office chairs are made for active sitting. Different models gives You possibility to choose right one for You. All the models are approved by Toplux professionals.
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  1. Indy 6
    Indy 6
  2. Light UP 230SL
    Light UP 230SL
  3. Optimum X
    Optimum X
  4. Pro 20
    Pro 20
  5. Pro 40
    Pro 40
  6. Sitool 302B
    Sitool 302B
  7. Sitool 302FL Black leather
    Sitool 302FL Black leather
  8. Xenon 10SFL P59PU
    Xenon 10SFL P59PU
  9. Xenon Net 101SFL P59PU
    Xenon Net 101SFL P59PU
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