Light UP 230SL

Light UP 230SL

LightUp is a modern swivel chair with a great price-quality ratio. A perfect solution for those seeking ergonomic and economical chairs.
The upholstered backrest version provides soft and comfortable support.

Product information:

* Synckron tilting mechanism

* height adjustment with gaslift
* seat depth adjustment
* ergonomic design
* Lumbar support height adjustment on back rest
* footbase durable black nylon


* Height adjustable armrests (range 80mm), P61PU
* Height adjustable armrests (range 80mm), sliding pad (+/- 50mm) with span option (+/- 30mm)

Footbase diameter: 69 cm
Seat height: 45-58 cm
Seat width: 50 cm
Seat depth: 44-50 cm
Backrest height: 57 cm


Color Grey
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