Team 30

Cornerstone of the Team -collection.

Product information:

Height adjustment by a gaslift
Height adjustment of backrest
Angle adjustment of backrest
Adjustable tilt mechanism for seat and backrest
Soft PU wheels for hard floors

Footbase diameter: 72 cm
Seat height: 46-61 cm
Seat width: 51 cm
Seat depth: 51 cm
Backrest height: 54 cm
Backrest width: 47 cm
Backrest height adjustment allowance: 7 cm
Armrests width adjustment allowance: 4,5 cm
Armrests height adjustment allowance: 6 cm

Optional supplies:
Glides (5 pcs)
Releasing castors
Elevation set 12,5 or 20 cm
Foot ring

Black (black)
Navy Blue (blue)
Crimson (red)
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